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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Is Now Available To Play Free This Weekend

on Fri, Dec 2, 2016 | By Kyle Y

Starting today until December 4th, players can download and play all maps and game modes for Titanfall 2. This trial is available to everyone on every platform (PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One). Aside from all the maps and modes, all weapons are available as well as a remastered version of the Angel City map from TF1. Don’t worry, any progress made in this free trial...

Last Night Konami Was Put On Blast At The Game Awards

on Fri, Dec 2, 2016 | By Bobby P

A year on and Hideo Kojima has finally received the award he deserved to receive last year but was barred from attending because Konami would not allow him to attend. The gaming world agrees that Kojima is an industry icon and luckily, he was in attendance to receive his well-deserved award. Geoff Keighley was on hand to give Hideo Kojima the award he was “robbed of”...

Wanna Play Some LEGO Dimensions On The Big Screen? Now You Can.

on Fri, Dec 2, 2016 | By Kyle Y

Cineplex has announced that it is launching a video gaming league for young people, featuring LEGO Dimensions.  The family-friendly program is a new concept in Canada and is geared towards targeting a younger gaming demographic.  LEGO Dimensions, the popular LEGO toy and video game hybrid, takes players on a journey through unexpected worlds featuring a number of pop culture...

Here Is Five Minutes Of Mass Effect: Andromeda From Last Night

on Fri, Dec 2, 2016 | By Bobby P

Last night at the Game Awards we got to see five minutes of new footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda. It looks great and feels like it’ll be a blast when it releases.   Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place hundred of years later after the original Mass Effect trilogy. Mass Effect: Andromeda puts you in the role of the Pathfinder; an elite soldier, explorer and guide...

Review: Final Fantasy XV

on Fri, Dec 2, 2016 | By Bobby P

I was just finishing up high school when Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced. The excitment of that original trailer after recently seeing Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children filled with me wonder. Boy, what a long journey it’s been for us. We’ve both seen so much in these last ten years, it’s been up and it’s been down. At one point, I was worried I’d...

A New Trailer Premiered Last Night For The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild At The Game Awards

on Fri, Dec 2, 2016 | By Bobby P

Last night at the Game Awards, Nintendo presented new trailer of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We got a glimpse of Princess Zelda, too. The internet is abuzz after her appearance, and the rumours on her role are already swirling. She isn’t dressed in her usual garb and dresses similarly to Link. We also got a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will launch...

Dauntless Announced For PC

on Thu, Dec 1, 2016 | By Bobby P

Tonight at the Game Awards, Phoenix Labs announced Dauntless. Dauntless is a co-op, action RPG coming to PC in 2017. Discover a shattered world, forge powerful weapons, and hunt the ferocious behemoths threatening our survival. The game is reminiscent of Monster Hunter, a series that is absent on the PC and Dauntless looks to fill that spot for man gamers. Dauntless will be...

Final Fantasy XV Had Some Pretty Crazy Day One Numbers

Mobius Final Fantasy Thumb
on Thu, Dec 1, 2016 | By Kyle Y

SQUARE ENIX announced that the day one shipment and digital sales for FINAL FANTASY XV, released simultaneously across the globe earlier this week, has exceeded five million units – becoming the fastest selling game in the history of the FINAL FANTASY series.Receiving critical acclaim from fans across the world for its beautiful world design and graphical quality, combined...

Telltale Announces Guardians Of The Galaxy

on Thu, Dec 1, 2016 | By Bobby P

Telltale has officially revealed their next licensed game at the Game Awards tonight. We reported about the game late last month, as rumours swirled on the next licensed game from Telltale. Revealed LIVE on stage at The Game Awards, ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series’ premieres 2017. ...