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Posted on Dec 14 2016 - 11:48am by Kyle Y

Mathematical! The Adventure Time LEGO Dimensions packs are out! I got my hands on the Adventure Time Story Pack featuring Finn, the Jakemobile, and the Ancient War Elephant. Unless you’re brand new to Earth or have been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Adventure Time. It’s a show about Finn, a human boy and his best friend and dog, Jake. The two go on adventures across the Land of Ooo battling baddies and helping the innocent. So c’mon, grab your friends and let’s travel to the Land of Ooo in LEGO Dimensions!

Let’s talk about the physical aspect of this pack first. The pack comes with only 1 minifigure, Jake and 2 mini-builds, the Jakemobile and Ancient War Elephant. For the most part these pieces are great. The minifigure looks amazing from the hood to the backpack, everything looks great and it’s incredibly accurate to the character from the show. The Jakemobile is pretty simple but that’s not a bad thing, I love it! It’s a little small in relation to the Jake figure but it works. The Ancient War Elephant is the weak part of the set. Much like my disappointment for the Swooping Evil from the Fantastic Beasts set, the Ancient War Elephant looks a little bit too abstract to really know what it is by lookingat it.

The visuals are absolutely stunning. The levels are actually done in the Adventure Time art style while still in the LEGO format. It looks really nice, and definitely unique for a LEGO game. Not only are the levels rendered in the Adventure Time style, but so are any characters you place on the gamepad. Seeing Batman done in the Adventure Time style in the Land of Ooo is surreal.

Finn is crazy useful. He has all sorts of swords that all do different things. He can open sword switches and has the ability to smash red demon bricks (Finn is the only one with this ability in all of LEGO Dimensions). Finn is also one of the only male characters to have the acrobatic skill. To top it all of Finn has a laser deflector, grapple, rope swing, and vine cut.


All the voices are done by the original cast which is amazing. I’m a huge fan whenever videogames are able to get any of the original cast on board and LEGO Dimensions was able to get them all! Jeremy Shada (Finn), John DiMaggio (Jake), Tom Kenny (Ice King), Olivia Olson (Marceline), reprise their roles and it sounds like they’re really into it (and don’t see it as some sort of chore).

LEGO humor is one of my favorite sources of humor, and the Adventure Time level pack is full of it, but surprisingly it actually takes a backseat to the trademark Adventure Time humor which is hilarious. The show is brilliantly written with some hilarious and outlandish humor and that humor translate perfectly into LEGO Dimensions. I love it!

My main complaint with this pack is that they split up Finn and Jake and put them in separate expansion packs. Sure, this comes with the Jakemobile but apart from using vehicle switches there’s not much use for it, therefore Jake won’t be very present on this certain adventure. No Jake means no John DiMaggio and his incredible voice and sass.

Really, there’s nothing wrong with this pack. Its jam packed with things to do which totally make up the price the pack costs and it looks unlike any other world in LEGO Dimensions. The fact that the original VA’s reprise their roles is just an added bonus in my book, giving the game a certain stamp of authenticity. The builds were a lot of fun to build and look great for the most part. I just would have liked to get a pack with Finn AND Jake. The Adventure Time Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions will run you about $30 but that’s sure to change soon with Boxing Day coming up. If you’re a fan of Adventure Time then what are you waiting for, go pick up this totally algebraic expansion for fun’s sake!

Adventure Time Story Pack

Adventure Time Story Pack












            • The Set Looks Great
            • The Game Is Super Fun
            • Great Art Style
            • Funny
            • Original Voice Cast


            • Jake And Finn Split Between Packs
            • Not A Lot Of Jake

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