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Posted on Oct 9 2016 - 7:21pm by Bobby P


I’m impressed with the library of the PlayStation VR at launch. With PlayStation VR Worlds you’re getting a decent starting point with what VR can do. Unfortunately, the excitement wears off as quickly as it started because it’s just a beefed up demo disc.

It’s been ages since I’ve said that by the way. A demo disc. It’s also an expensive demo sampler, as this starter will set you back $49.99 here in Canada. It’s a significant sum for a sample I think.

I did enjoy my time with the games on the disc, though, and I still think my favourite experience began on with PlayStation VR Worlds.


Ocean Descent is more of a guided tour in a shark-proof cage of the ocean. You’re lowered down into the depths of the ocean and the world you experience on the way down is great, sea life is animated well and is full of colour. There’s three dives you can do, Shark Attack, Ocean Life, and Coral Reef. All three are the same experience but have variables.

London Heist is a first-person VR game that lasts no more than an hour and features three shooting galleries for you to survive through after. The controls work well and reloading is a cool gimmick. The characters are impressive and swear like sailors the entire time.


VR Luge is exactly that. It’s simple and feels like something from Dave and Busters. Basically, anything you hit on the way does nothing and soon after you’re satisfied never playing this again.


Danger Ball is VR first-person Pong and requires you to play by bouncing the ball back with your head, its basic and is another title that I feel is something I’ll never touch again.

The second best game on here is Scavenger’s Odyssey is short and straight.  You pilot a suit through an asteroid belt and jump from rock to rock and there is some basic combat.

If you were to show VR off to your friends or family, I’d recommend showing them London Heist and Ocean Descent and Scavenger’s Odyssey. This is an overpriced demo disc so I would wait until this drops in price before even considering buying it.

PlayStation VR Worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds










          • Ocean Descent
          • London Heist


          • VR Luge
          • No replay value

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