REVIEW: The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3

Posted on May 11 2016 - 7:52pm by Bobby P


The season finale of The Walking Dead: Michonne has arrived and we get a conclusion to the sidestory based on one of the most endearing characters on the Walking Dead. This mini-season has been somewhat inconsistent but the final episode has done a good job to make this

Like the previous episodes, the entire chapter will take you no more than two hours. Telltale has done an exceptional job at creating a version of Michonne that has felt loss and is fueled by the guilt of losing her children. What We Deserve does a stellar job of showing what one can experience when you’ve lost everything and the issues that can arise from such a traumatic experience.


While the mini-season has felt rocky since the beginning, we’re finally getting an episode that feels much more in line with what we expect of Telltale and their Walking Dead series. This is a solid episode that solidifies Michonne as my favourite character in The Walking Dead universe, she has an integral role in any which way you spin it.

Another issue that once again seems to plague this three-episode series, is the supporting cast. I thought I would grow to care for them and their struggles, it was hard to pay attention to them though. There isn’t much to love here, and Michonne once again shines as the star and focal point of the episode. The dialogue has little to keep me interested in the goings-on of this group and it’s hard to focus on them when Michonne has so many demons in her head I’d rather learn about.


If you’re a fan of jump scares, which this episode seems to have a fair bit of, you’re going to enjoy them, if you’re me and get quite angry, well, yeah I got pretty upset. They worked well though and were effective.

The third and final episode of the Michonne focused mini season has had some issues as a whole, but, the third act is a strong way to end the season allowing an enjoyable ride start to finish. It took some time to get here but it worked out, the issue was the supporting characters and the shortened series. The Walking Dead: Michonne is a fair ride for the duration but leaves much to be desired.

The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3

The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3










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