Here’s Some Details About The Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse DLC

Posted on Aug 9 2016 - 1:06pm by Kyle Y

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Atlus, publishers of the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse, has released info for the game’s DLC including description, release date, and price!

DLC Releasing On September 20th 2016:

The Asahi/Nozomi set (Equipment) – $0.99.

The Green Pompadour (Equipment) – $0.99.

Fall of Tokyo Promo Video (Movie) – FREE

Earring Set (Equipment) – FREE (free for first week, then $0.49)

A Godslayer Needs Levels (Quest) – $2.99

Ranking Program 1 (Add-On) – FREE

DLC Releasing On September 27th 2016:

A Godslayer Needs Demons (Quest) – $1.99

A Godslayer Needs Macca (Quest) – $2.99

Ranking Program 2 (Add-On) – FREE

Chiro Mask (Equipment) – $0.99

Avatar’s Hat (Equipment) – $0.99

A Godslayer Needs Apps (Quest) – $2.49

Tokyo’s Past Set (Equipment) – FREE

DLC Releasing On October 4th:

Extra Difficulty Levels (Add-On) – FREE

The Inverted Pyramid (Quest) – $1.99

A Godslayer Needs Jewels (Quest) – $2.99

Lore 1: Parallel Universes (Add-On) – FREE

Explosive Epidemic In Mikado (Quest) – $1.99

A Trip To Hawaii (Quest) – $2.49

Lore 2: Observation Explained (Add-On) – FREE

DLC Releasing On October 11th

Depths of Twisted Tokyo (Quest) – $1.49

A Godslayer Needs Items (Quest) – $3.49

Level Cap Unlock (Add-On) – FREE

Messiahs In The Diamond Realm (Quest) – $3.99

Lore 3: Tokyo & Mikado History (Add-On) – FREE


More information on the DLC can be found here.


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