Star Wars Battlefront Was Supposed To Have A Campaign

Posted on May 18 2016 - 7:17pm by Bobby P

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If you were like me and passed on Battlefront partially because the game had no single player, you’ll be upset to know that there was indeed a campaign planned, but, the release of the newest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, caused DICE to pull the single-player content.

At an investor broadcast, EA executive Patrick Soderlund spoke about Battlefront and issues that the public had with the newest Star Wars game, explaining the decision to skip a campaign and keep the game strictly multiplayer. “We decided to remove the single-player campaign due to time constraints and so we could launch together with the movie release to create the strongest impact.”

This led to questions about the lower score Battlefront had in comparison to Battlefield games, “The team did really well to create a game on ideas we had, the game I say did really well for us and reached people we don’t usually target in our demographic,” Soderlund added, “Are we happy with the rating the game got? No. It’s something we need to remedy going forward.”

Hopefully, this will allow for a better cycle for the next game in the Battlefront series, allowing it to fully come to into it’s own and become a game worthy of the Star Wars name. To date, Star Wars Battlefront has sold 14 million copies.

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