Tarzan’s First Video Game Will Be A Slot Machine

Posted on Nov 23 2016 - 11:25pm by Bobby P


As a child of Generation X, I grew up watching Johnny Weissmuller swinging on vines and fighting lions, crocodiles, evil tribes, and even eviler great white hunters in the jungles of Africa. Tarzan the Ape Man was an inspiration for my young self, at least for some of my childhood antics (which usually ended with torn clothes, bruises, and some massive spanking sessions received from my parents). Little did I know about the subtlety of the character, which was not reflected perfectly by the movies about his adventures. That until I finally got to read the books he is featured in. The character I thought of as a brute has proven to be an intelligent, strong-willed, fair, and manly man, a perfect role model for any child.

As the years passed, Tarzan – or John Clayton, Viscount of Greystoke – has returned to the big and small screens repeatedly. He appeared in over 200 movies, tons of TV series, radio plays, musicals, but – surprising as it may sound – he didn’t make it to the world of video games. One would expect to see such a notable figure, with such a media popularity, to be at least mentioned in a few jungle-themed games, but other than a platformer on C64, and the video game version of Disney’s Tarzan (which, TBH, was not the best rendition of the character), there’s no true Tarzan-themed game out there. Until now, of course.

The Tarzan slot machine


Tarzan will swing by the Euro Palace in the near future, to make his video game debut in the current century. Microgaming, the software developer providing Euro Palace online casino with its amazing library of games, has recently announced its licensing deal with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., this June. Players can expect to try the new Tarzan-themed video slot machine at the Euro Palace before the end of this year – hopefully. Judging by the developer’s history in adapting movies to the smallest of the screens – the Euro Palace has games based on Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, and soon one based on Jurassic World – we can expect a great game to come our way.

A Tarzan video game?

What would a Tarzan-inspired video game look like?

I can imagine a cross between Mirror’s Edge and Far Cry Primal. Imagine a lush, green jungle inhabited by a variety of animals, imagine tribes of advanced great apes and hostile pygmies, imagine lions and crocodiles, imagine “great white hunters” and expeditions, imagine lost explorers and smugglers, and imagine taking all the action into the midst of the 1930s London. I don’t know about you, but to me, this sounds like an awful lot of fun – a game that I would certainly try.

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