Yo Kai Watch At Fan Expo Canada

Posted on Sep 13 2016 - 10:12am by Kyle Y


This weekend while at Fan Expo Canada, I was invited to check out the Yo Kai Watch room. After finding the room I entered and boy was I surprised. I expected a bright room (like most of the others) with a couple chairs and maybe a table. When I walked in I was greeted with a dark, mood lighted room decked out with a giant projector playing the first episode of the Second Season of Yo Kai Watch (more on that later), a bunch of bean bag seats, a table full of the latest Yo Kai Watch toys, a 3DS station and a tablet station. Boy do I have my work cut out for me here.

My first stop (after walking around Fan Expo for 7 hours) was the bean bag chairs, of course! I sat down beside my sister (brought her along for the day), and began to watch a show that I knew nothing about based on a game I knew nothing about. I walked in rather uninterested, but honestly that changed quick. After watching a good chunk of the show I walked around and looked at what else the Yo Kai’s had to offer. The toys looked pretty neat, the plushies were cute (my sister ended up getting one), and the gadgets looked pretty cool. I would spend money on this stuff.


I joined my sister at the tablets where she was playing the Yo Kai Watch mobile game, Yo Kai Watch Land. She had a great time with it. Great mobile game for kids. It’s available for Android and iOS. Next we walked over to the 3DS station and talked to the Yo Kai Watch rep who was more than helpful filling me in on all the stuff I just didn’t know and MAN is there a lot. I walked in there expecting a Pokemon clone….its really not the same at all.


The biggest difference is the combat system. It’s more advanced and in all honesty, a lot more fun than Pokemon’s. Yo Kai Watch definitely does a good job at differentiating itself in a world of creature catching games. While I only got to demo the first Yo Kai Watch game (as they haven’t received demos for the second game at the time), I got only a taste of what, I believe, is a rather rich and engaging game that definitely makes me want to find my 3DS (where ever it went), dust it off, and go buy me some Yo Kai Watch games.

Lastly, what I’m sure you’re all dying to know is when does the new game come out? Well, Yo Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls is launching later this month on September 30th for the Nintendo 3DS and the demo is expected to hit the Nintendo eShop sometime very soon.



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