Review: LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack

Posted on Dec 18 2016 - 11:33pm by Kyle Y

Harry Potter is back in the world of LEGO! Of course I’m talking about the new LEGO Dimensions team pack featuring everyone’s favorite teen wizard Harry Potter teaming up with Voldemort? Yep, the TEAM pack features Harry Potter and Voldemort as well as 2 mini-build vehicles that will be VERY familiar to fans of the books/movies.

Everything in this set was fun to build and looks great. The two minifigures (Harry and Voldemort) are recreated expertly and in great detail. One of the mini-builds is Mr. Weasley’s Flying Ford Anglia which we got to see in Chamber of Secrets. The minimalist build looks great and I can immediately tell what it is. The second and final mini-build is the Hogwarts Express, the famous train that stops at platform 9 3/4 to take the young wizards and witches to Hogwarts. As with the Flying Ford, this is another minimalist build and it looks perfect. I couldn’t ask for a better set.

This set comes with a great open world hub that’s good for at least a few hours of puzzle-solving, collectable fun. We get to see a bunch of familiar sights from the movies with a ton of fun callbacks and references to the extremely popular series of films. To go along with the open-world exploration, the set comes with a new Battle Arena as per the norm with Year 2 sets. The Harry Potter Team Pack comes with the Quidditch By Moonlight battle arena which allows you to take up the broomstick as either Gryffindor or Slytherin. The battle arena combines thrilling air combat with ground battle in whichever game mode you choose. I’m a huge fan of the new Battle Arenas and this just adds to the fun. The Quidditch Pitch is such a fun location.

Both characters have an arsenal of extremely useful abilities. For starters, both are able to use the Parseltongue ability (of course), this allows them to use special puzzle doors that can only be opened using the special speech. Both can fly which is obviously useful. Harry uses his Firebolt broomstick while Voldemort takes form as a sinister cloud of smoke as he zips across the playing field (as Deatheaters do). On top of all of that they both share most of the same abilities including Diffindo, Wingardium Leviosa, stealth, illumination, the ability to spray water, shooting targets, deflecting. Voldemort also has the ability to perform mind control.

Harry Potter has already received the LEGO treatment, twice and playing this felt a little mundane as I have already experienced the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts in TT’s classic LEGO form. I think we’ve now had enough LEGO Harry Potter.

The Team Pack is great. Sure it doesn’t come with any levels, but the open-world HUB and the battle arenas are more than enough to make up the decent price for the set. Each character comes with a bunch of fun abilities including a couple of set-exclusive ones. The builds are some of the best that I’ve encountered so far. Accurate mini-builds and super detailed minifigures, they did a great job with this pack. The Harry Potter Team Pack costs about $25 which, like I said, is easily justified by the amount of things there are to do in the game.

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